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    Dear Residents

    We have received reports of people smoking in the common parts of the building, in particularly the central exterior walkways. This practice is illegal and of course antisocial and we would ask that whoever is responsible to please only smoke within their flat or in the street.

    When smoking on balconies, we would like to remind residents and their guests to dispose of their cigarette ends responsibly, properly extinguished and within their own rubbish.

    If you have tenants or guests, please bring this letter to their attention.

    Thank you for your cooperation and help in ensuring that Globe Wharf continues to be a very pleasant and desirable building to live in.

    Yours faithfully,

    The Directors

    Michael Keane

    I am very grateful to the Directors for posting on this topic. Thank you.

    To the issue of smoking in the public areas, I would also ask for residents and guests to keep noise levels down and avoid long conversations on the internal atria galleries/gangways. The atria have no sound absorbing qualities and sounds carry and appear amplified. There is no privacy to these conversations (which I think some Mobile phone users seem oblivious to) some of which really do not need to be shared with third parties!!

    Finally, it is great to have this forum but I do worry about those residents who do not use or see matters such as this. To the Directors, are there plans to flag matters such as smoking and noise more generally to owners, tenants and their guests?



    Thanks Michael – an email has also gone out to all residents/owners today.

    We take the matter seriously and will deal with any other episode of nuisance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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