Estate agents please read these tenant guidelines and inform potential residents of these regulations.


All Residents of Globe Wharf must comply with the following building rules:* Alterations: Not to make any alterations to your flat without the prior written consent of Principia. If in doubt, please contact Principia. Balconies: Residents must not to display or hang clothes, washing, aerials, satellite dishes etc. from the exterior of their flat or balcony. Window boxes must be well maintained and inward facing. Residents with river-facing balconies are asked not to feed the seagulls. Barbeques: Barbeques are not permitted on the balconies for fire safety reasons. Boilers: Residents are required to ensure that their boiler is regularly serviced and regularly check that their hot water cistern is not overflowing. Contractors: Building Contractors are only permitted to carry out work in the building between 08:00 and 17:00 hours on weekdays and between 10:00 and 16:00 hours on Saturdays. Noisy works, such as drilling or hammering may only be carried out between 10:00 and 16:00 hours on weekdays. All Contractors must sign an indemnity (available from Reception) to cover any damage they may cause to the building’s common areas.​ Corridors: The corridors and common parts of the building must be kept clear at all times. Residents are not permitted to leave or store personal items (bicycles, prams etc) in the common areas. They should also not be used as play area for children. Residents are allowed to have a door mat outside their door, provided it is of a plain design does not cause a trip hazard to other Residents. Door Security: Please only allow people you know to be residents into the building. All visitors trying to gain access should be directed to the concierge team. Noise and Nuisance: Residents must not play music (or practice singing) at a level that causes annoyance to other Residents (at anytime) or is audible outside the building between 11pm and 9am. Further, Residents must not to do anything which may become a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to others connected with the block. Residents are asked to consider their neighbours when using their balconies or terraces to entertain guests after 10pm (as all are in close proximity to the bedrooms of other flats) and when passing through the courtyard areas. Pets: Residents are not permitted to keep any dog, cat, reptile or other pet without first obtaining a written licence from Principia** Parking Spaces: The parking spaces in King & Queen Wharf are only to be used for the purpose of parking a private car, motorcycle or bicycle. For the avoidance of doubt, they are not to be used for general storage. For security reasons, residents are asked to wait for the gates to close fully when entering or leaving the garage. Political Posters: Residents are not permitted to display political posters or slogans in their windows or on the exterior of their flats. Reception: Residents are asked to collect parcels promptly and not to use the reception as a storage area for items ‘to be collected’ Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building. Residents are asked not to discard cigarette ends from their windows or balconies. Sub-letting: Should you wish to underlet your flat on the basis of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or Company Let, it will be necessary for the Tenant to enter into a direct deed of covenant with the Landlord in an approved form. You will need to contact Principia in the first instance. Window Cleaning: Residents are required to keep all the windows of their flats clean. The Manager reserves the right to fine or issue legal proceedings against any Leaseholder who materially and/or persistently breaches (or who’s tenant materially and/or persistently breaches) the above rules. * Flat Owners who rent their flats out should ensure that these requirements are covered by their tenancy agreement because they will be liable if their tenant is in breach of the rules. ** The Manager’s current policy is not to issue any pet licences. For the avoidance of doubt, sales and letting agents do not have the right to give assurances to prospective Residents that a pet will be permitted or “over-looked”.


The freehold of Globe Wharf is owned by Globe Wharf Freehold Company Ltd (GWFC). GWFC purchased the freehold in 2001 from Berkeley Homes who bought and developed the building into 138 residential units in the late 1990’s. In 2005, following the introduction of “Right to Manage” legislation, a separate company called Globe Wharf RTM Company Ltd (GWRTM) was established in order to provide us with freedom of choice regarding our managing agents. GWRTM has the responsibility for maintaining the structure of the building and providing the services detailed in flat owners’ leases. GWRTM has instructed Principia to carry out these management responsibilities on its behalf. GWFC ownership is currently limited to 80 shareholders, all of whom must be leaseholders. All 80 shares have been subscribed for and allocated. In the future, the current shareholders may vote to offer further shares for sale (based on an up-to-date valuation of the freehold), but there is no obligation for them to do so. Any flat owner may become a member of the GWRTM, at a liability of just £1. If you wish to become a member, please contact the Company Secretary c/o [email protected] or via mailbox 140 in reception.