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Residents Guide

Please find useful information, phone numbers and Globe Wharf regulations and legals.

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Your Property Managers

Principia Estate and Asset Management manages communal facilities and repairs at Globe Wharf and should be the first point of contact in the event of any maintenance queries, complaints or damage reports. You can ask Reception to report and record your query and pass on to the management company. You can also liaise with Principia’s Head Office directly: John Savva (020 7341 0247) or Andrew Lyle (020 7341 0248). Should you query remian unresolved, please contact one of Globe Wharf Freehold Company directors, who liaise with Principia on behalf of residents.

How the service charge is calculated for each apartment?

The Managing Agent provides GWFC with an estimate of annual service charges in advance, comprising annual costs, reserve fund contributions and management charges.

How the annual costs are split are detailed in your lease and summarised below:

Estate costs Costs relating to the estate as a whole (eg CCTV, gym, swimming pool). These are allocated to all apartments equally.

Block costs Costs relating to all apartments on a variable basis (eg common area cleaning, building insurance, door entry system). These are allocated to each core staircase, and then to each apartment on a square meterage basis.

Water Costs of communal domestic cold water consumption and standing charges. These are allocated to each apartment based on Thames Water Authority’s anticipated water consumption for a typical 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment.

Lift maintenance costs Costs relating to lift maintenance, repair, insurance and electricity. These are allocated equally to those apartments with lift access.

Car park costs Costs relating to the car park, including maintenance contribution to King and Queen Wharf. These are allocated equally to each car park space owner.

There is a Reserve Fund to which contributions are made annually to build up a reserves for longer term maintenance, such as external repainting of the building. Expenditure from this fund requires the approval of GWFC Ltd.

How do the shared facilities arrangements with King and Queen Wharf work?

Residents of Globe Wharf pay for use of the King and Queen Wharf car park and swimming pool facilities.

We pay 47% of car park costs, apportioned on the basis of our use of 143 spaces out of 303. We pay 50% of pool costs.

How do I get television, telephone, broadband in my apartment?

There is currently no aerial for Globe Wharf (although this will be rectified shortly). An indoor aerial can be used but this can be hit or miss as to the picture clarity. When the aerial is connected, more information will be provided.

BT can provide phone and broadband connections, although you may not be able to get a very high broadband connection (with the excuse that you are too far from the exchange.

Virgin Media (ex NTL) provide digital cable and you can have telephone, television and broadband via a set-top box, for a monthly fee which varies according to the package of channels that you choose. Alternatively, you can use your own indoor aerial to get reception.

You do not need both BT and Virgin Media, you can choose either or, but with BT, a television service is not available.

Sky at present cannot be installed as the existing cabling is not of sufficient quality to justify the high cost of installing the dish. Sky+ would not be available to anyone is it requires two cables to your set-top box. High Definition (HD) would not be available either due to the quality of the cables. To upgrade the cabling would require massive internal work, either wall within every apartment having to be cut into or trunking to run from the cupboards outside your apartment to every tv socket. 

Since September 2004, a new service has been available offering digital television service, video-on-demand and always-on internet connection via a BT telephone line, with no need for an aerial. Some residents are already using it. However, this is not available to all apartments. It depends on “how far you are from the exchange”. For full details, go to

Can children play in the corridors?

Common parts are to be free from obstructions and children are not allowed to play in them. 

Can I keep a dog or a cat in the apartment?

Please refer to the Globe Wharf Pet Policy (here)

Can I have a barbeque on the balcony?

Barbeques pose a fire hazard to the building and are prohibited.

Can common areas be used for storage?

No, all common area and external landings are to be kept clear at all times. 

Can I sing or play an instrument in the flat?

Yes, as long as the level of sound does not cause annoyance to others within the building. Singing and playing instruments is, however, not permitted between the hours 11pm and 7am.

Why should I have my boiler and hot water cylinder serviced?

It is extremely important to have these appliances serviced on an annual basis, not only from a health and safety point of view but also for the general well being of the building. If the hot water cylinders are not serviced, they tend to overflow. The effects can be seen on the outside of the building, causing an unsightly mess and damp brickwork in place, which will undoubtedly affect certain residents’ property. Leaks can also occur from badly maintained boilers and cylinders, causing damage and distress to other residents. If your rent out your apartment or are tenants, the boiler has to be serviced annually by law and you should be in possession of a Landlord/Home Owner Gas Safety Record issued by a Corgi Registered Engineer. 

All leaseholders are legally responsible for the maintenance of the boilers and hot water cylinders and they should be serviced, and a certificate issues, annually. 

The following companies have serviced properties in the building in a satisfactory way and are provided as suggested contacts:

Saglio Boiler Services Ltd 0208 698 9171

Mr Drabble 07813 800 004

Nigel Smith 020 8473 1976

Plant Plumbing 0208 694 0880

How do I dispose of rubbish/garbage?

Skips are provided in the two bin stores on the ground floor, along with recycling bins. One is sited adjacent to Reception, near the front door, and the other is by the lift at the eastern end of the building. All food waste should be in tied bags. Waste should not be left on the floor, nor should bins be overfilled so that the lids do not close properly as this causes odours and attract flies and vermin.

The bins are emptied weekly and usually have sufficient capacity to cope with the demands of all residents. For oversized items requiring disposals, such as beds or sofas, contact the local authority (Southwark Council), who will arrange collection and disposal. See Useful Numbers section here.

Who can use the underground car park?

Designated parking for Globe Wharf is provided under the neighbouring building of King and Queen Wharf. Spaces are numbered and are strictly allocated to the owners of each property. There is no visitor parking in the car park and you should not use a space that is not your own unless you have agreed it with its owner. Any vehicle which is not authorised to use a space may be clamped or towed and a fee will be charged for release.

Bicycles should be placed in the cycle racks provided (west end of the car park) or in your own car parking space. You are required to register your bicycle with King & Queen porters and obtain an orange tag.

Periodically, King & Queen will remove bicycles which are not tagged.

Motorbikes should be parked at the east end of the car park or in your own car parking space. King & Queen are initiating a registration scheme for motorcycles.

How do I access the car park?

The pedestrian entrance for Globe Wharf residents is via an unmarked metal door at the north-east corner (riverside footpath) of the King and Queen Wharf development). You need to go down two flights of steps to reach the Globe Wharf parking level. Vehicle access is through an electronic gate from Rotherhithe Street, to the right of the King and Queen Wharf Porter’s Office. Drive down the ramp to the Globe Wharf parking level. To exit the car park, do not try to use the same gate. Drive to the opposite end of the car park, drive up the ramp and leave by the electronic gate at the western end of the King and Queen Wharf development.

The entry and exit gates have an electronic opener, activated by touching your security fob (the same one that lets you into the main Globe Wharf building) against the pad. Alternatively, you can buy a remote control device from the senior concierge on the Globe Wharf Reception.

What fitness facilities does the building have?
Residents and their guests have use of a gym and of a swimming pool with a spa and sauna. The pool facilities are shared between residents of Globe Wharf and King and Queen Wharf. The gym is located in Globe Wharf reception. It can be accessed round-the-clock, but please bear in mind that there are neighbouring apartments who could be disturbed by late-night operation of powered equipment such as the treadmill and exercise bikes. The swimming pool, spa and sauna are located at First Floor level at neighbouring King and Queen Wharf. You can access the leisure complex by taking the steps from the footpath running between the two buildings and walking along the ramped area until you the reach an entry door on your left. The complex includes showers and his/hers changing rooms and lockers. It is open daily from 5am to 11pm.
How to set-up a door entry system on your phone?

In order to set up the door entry system on your phone, please contact Principia providing your phone number and a flat number.

The setup cost is £35.

The cost can be added to a service charge bill if you are are a lessee, otherwise please contact Principia accounts department to make a credit/debit card payment (0207 341 0220. Option 2).  

Once payment is received Principia will contact Anchor Doors to add your phone to the system. This process may take a few days.  

A kind note the phone number will remain on the door entry system until another £35 is paid for a new number to be added – we recommend using a landline number as this number is not normally taken with you to a new address should you move in the future (alternatively the £35 needs to be paid again to remove the old number).

How secure is Globe Wharf?

The concierge staff in Reception play a significant role in the security of our building. They are on duty daytime and evenings daily and they deal with callers at Reception and monitor CCTV cameras in communal areas and on the pathways around the building. Outside their hours, the night porters at King and Queen Wharf help to keep an eye on things outside and in the car park. The work of the concierge teams in both Globe Wharf and King and Queen Wharf is invaluable in keeping the incidence of crime and vandalism to a minimum. However, we all have a part to play in keeping it that way. Globe Wharf is a Neighbourhood Watch area and all residents are asked to be security-conscious and to be vigilant about ensuring entry doors are kept locked and that only authorised visitors gain access to the building. Please don’t allow anyone to follow you in unless you are sure they are a resident and when entering or exiting the car park, please wait until the gates close before driving off.

How do I operate my kitchen appliances?

Many apartments no longer have the original manuals showing how to operate built-in appliances such as the cooker, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, microwave and central heating.

The main pages for these appliances are being scanned so they can be viewed on this website. If you need them urgently in the meantime, contact one of the directors, who is likely to be able to direct you to a neighbour with a copy.

How does Globe Wharf use my personal data?

Globe Wharf collects, processes and uses some personal data, including but not limited to, name/s, home address/s, email address and telephone number.  Reasons for such processing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. To effect the logging and collection of packages delivered via the Concierge desk,
  2. To support the effective management and maintenance of the building (e.g. Use of emails to provide updates to Owners and Tenants on major works)
  3. To provide support – if and as required – to emergency services in the case of an incident in the building (e.g. fire)

If you have any further questions please come to see the Globe Wharf concierge team in reception or email us on [email protected].

Useful Numbers

Globe Wharf Reception Desk 020 7740 1574

Your Property Managers

Principia – Customer Services 020 7341 0220 

Principia – out of hours for emergencies only 0207 123 5158

Globe Wharf Freehold Company

See Contact Us section

Repair and Service Contractors

Global Star Appliance Care 020 7407 9004

Emergency services In emergencies, phone 999 but otherwise call:

Police 020 7378 1212

Fire service 020 7587 4718

NHS direct (for medical advice) 0845 4647

Local authority

Southwark Council: General 020 7525 5000

Council Tax 020 7525 1850


NTL (for TV, internet and telephony) 0800 052 2000

BT (telephony sales and customer service) 150 or 0800 800 150

BT (faults) 151 or 0800 800 151

London Energy (electricity) 0800 096 9000 (enquiries) or 0800 028 0247 (emergencies)

British Gas 0845 850 0392

Parent and toddler facilities There are now quite a few new parents within Globe Wharf with some recent arrivals in the past year. We have put together the following list from personal experiences; any other suggestions would be welcome.

Southwark Park Childrens Playroom Southwark Park Hawkstone Raod SE16 2UA Phone: 020 7231 3755 Monday to Friday 12.30pm to 4.00pm Ages 0-8 years The Playroom caters for children under 5 during term time and under 8’s in the school holidays. It provides arts and crafts activities, outdoor sports and games, table top games and story telling. Open all year except bank holidays.

Tots Time at the Link The Links community Centre 353 Rotherhithe New Road SE16 3UE Tuesday 10.30am-noon Ages 0-5 years Open play session with craft, toys, singing etc. Tea, coffee, juice, fruit and biscuits supplied open in term time only.

Time and Talents Parent and Toddler Group Community Centre St Marychurch Street SE16 4JE Phone: 020 7231 7845 Monday 10.00am to noon Friday 1.00pm to 3.00pm Ages 0-5 years Free play session with singing. Refreshments provided. Open in term time only

Rotherhithe Library Baby and Toddler Albion Street SE16 7HY Phone: 020 7237 2010 Thursday 10.30am to noon Sessions include craft activities, story telling and singing. Open term time only

Surrey Docks Health Centre Carer and Toddler Group Downtown Road Thursday 1.00pm to 3.00pm For crawling babies up to 2 years. Free play session with a craft or art activity and snacks for the children.


All Residents of Globe Wharf must comply with the following building rules:*

Alterations: Not to make any alterations to your flat without the prior written consent of Principia. If in doubt, please contact Principia first.

Balconies: Residents must not to display or hang clothes, washing, aerials, satellite dishes etc. from the exterior of their flat or balcony. Window boxes must be well maintained and inward facing. Residents with river-facing balconies are asked not to feed the seagulls.

Barbeques: Barbeques are not permitted on the balconies for fire safety reasons.

Boilers: Residents are required to ensure that their boiler is regularly serviced and regularly check that their hot water cistern is not overflowing.

Contractors: Building Contractors are only permitted to carry out work in the building between 08:00 and 17:00 hours on weekdays and between 10:00 and 16:00 hours on Saturdays. Noisy works, such as drilling or hammering may only be carried out between 10:00 and 16:00 hours on weekdays. All Contractors must sign an indemnity (available from Reception) to cover any damage they may cause to the building’s common areas.

Corridors: The corridors and common parts of the building must be kept clear at all times. Residents are not permitted to leave or store personal items (bicycles, prams etc) in the common areas. They should also not be used as play area for children. Residents are allowed to have a door mat outside their door, provided it is of a plain design does not cause a trip hazard to other Residents.

Door Security: Please only allow people you know to be residents into the building. All visitors trying to gain access should be directed to the concierge team.

Noise and Nuisance: Residents must not play music (or practice singing) at a level that causes annoyance to other Residents (at anytime) or is audible outside the building between 11pm and 9am. Further, Residents must not to do anything which may become a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to others connected with the block. Residents are asked to consider their neighbours when using their balconies or terraces to entertain guests after 10pm (as all are in close proximity to the bedrooms of other flats) and when passing through the courtyard areas.

Pets: Please refer to the Pet Policy (here). 

Parking Spaces: The parking spaces in King & Queen Wharf are only to be used for the purpose of parking a private car, motorcycle or bicycle. For the avoidance of doubt, they are not to be used for general storage. For security reasons, residents are asked to wait for the gates to close fully when entering or leaving the garage.

Political Posters: Residents are not permitted to display political posters or slogans in their windows or on the exterior of their flats.

Reception: Residents are asked to collect parcels promptly and not to use the reception as a storage area for items ‘to be collected’

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the common areas of the building. Residents are asked not to discard cigarette ends from their windows or balconies.

Sub-letting: Should you wish to underlet your flat on the basis of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or Company Let, it will be necessary for the Tenant to enter into a direct deed of covenant with the Landlord in an approved form. You will need to contact Principia in the first instance.

Window Cleaning: Residents are required to keep all the windows of their flats clean. The Manager reserves the right to fine or issue legal proceedings against any Leaseholder who materially and/or persistently breaches (or who’s tenant materially and/or persistently breaches) the above rules. * Flat Owners who rent their flats out should ensure that these requirements are covered by their tenancy agreement because they will be liable if their tenant is in breach of the rules. ** The Manager’s current policy is not to issue any pet licences. For the avoidance of doubt, sales and letting agents do not have the right to give assurances to prospective Residents that a pet will be permitted or “over-looked”.



The freehold of Globe Wharf is owned by Globe Wharf Freehold Company Ltd (GWFC). GWFC purchased the freehold in 2001 from Berkeley Homes who bought and developed the building into 138 residential units in the late 1990’s. In 2005, following the introduction of “Right to Manage” legislation, a separate company called Globe Wharf RTM Company Ltd (GWRTM) was established in order to provide us with freedom of choice regarding our managing agents. GWRTM has the responsibility for maintaining the structure of the building and providing the services detailed in flat owners’ leases. GWRTM has instructed Principia to carry out these management responsibilities on its behalf. GWFC ownership is currently limited to 80 shareholders, all of whom must be leaseholders. All 80 shares have been subscribed for and allocated. In the future, the current shareholders may vote to offer further shares for sale (based on an up-to-date valuation of the freehold), but there is no obligation for them to do so. Any flat owner may become a member of the GWRTM. If you wish to become a member, please contact the Company Secretary c/o [email protected] or via mailbox 140 in reception.