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    It has been brought to our attention that household waste is being disposed of incorrectly within the refuse storerooms at Globe Wharf.

    Residents are reminded of the following:

    •        All recyclable waste must be either put in clear plastic sacks, securely tied and disposed of within the dedicated recycling refuse store or tipped loose directly into the recycling refuse bins.
    • Not to dispose of black bag (general waste) in the recycling bins.
    •        Not to use black bags to dispose of recyclable waste.
    •        Break up large cardboard boxes before disposing of them in the recycling bins.
    •        Not to dispose of bulky refuse items in the bin store. The council will remove bulky waste by appointment; complete the booking form at:
    •        Place rubbish bags inside the rubbish bins rather than on the bin lid or on the floor.

    We would like to draw your attention to the last point as not only does this make the bin store look unsightly, it is also a health & safety hazard, a fire risk and attracts rodents.

    Please ensure that if you are using bags they are securely tied with no tears, are fit for purpose and placed inside the respective rubbish bins.

    Thank you for your cooperation and help with this important matter.

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