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    CloudCanvas Team
    Directors’ update
    We intend to replace the carpets and lighting within the corridors and entrances next year and will let you know when this is likely to happen nearer the time.  
    These works have been budgeted for.
    Any questions or remarks – please let us know.

    I’m very pleased to see that the lighting will be changed next year. Does this include the lighting in the open-air corridors and walkways?

    A key aspect for me would be to soften the lighting for the open-air corridors and walkways inside the building – right now it’s quite bright and also quite a harsh white light. A softer light would make a big difference and improve the internal atmosphere of the building.


    Can you please ensure that the look and feel is the same throughout the building? At the moment the entrances are different from each other and also different from the carpeted areas. Different flooring, different lighting etc. I guess this is a bit of an open door, but just thought I would mention it. Especially with the reception area looking so wonderful, it would be a shame not to get it right. Also, who ever is responsible for keeping the paint tidy should do a better job. Certain floors that are heavily used look disgusting with marks, chips etc. I know it’s impossible to avoid marks with people moving in and out and deliveries etc., but doing a monthly touch up will make the place look so much nicer.


    Hi Corin

    Thank you for the note. This will be discussed and I believe one solution would be to have lights with a built-in motion sensor. As to their brightness, we will need to verify against fire regulations.



    Hi Mascha

    Totally agree on the consistent look and feel and we will endeavour to achieve this within budget and practicality constraints. There will be an opportunity to comment on a proposal as part of the Notice going out for these works.

    As to the paintwork maintenance, my understanding is we pay an ongoing fee for general maintenance – I will enquire about this.

    Many thanks



    Why is there no maintenance at all on the paint in the common areas? Most corridors look extremely scruffy, which also doesn’t encourage people to keep it clean.

    If we want to have the image of a prestigious building, this needs to be improved. It’s not much work to maintain that.




    Adam Coleman

    Hi Mascha,

    this has been raised with Principia and a maintenance programme is to be surveyed and implemented.


    Thank you for your comments


    okay thanks a lot!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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