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    Tom Bolland

    Hi everyone,

    I’m thinking of making some renovations to my bathrooms. I am unsure of whether I can bury pipes into walls to improve space efficiency or bury pipes into the floors as well given that we’re not on ground floor so that there isn’t a big step up into the shower anymore.

    Has anyone else tried to do this or had any experience at globe wharf? Any advice would be so helpful.

    Many thanks


    Hi Tom. I think you’ll need to ask Principia about that. We re-did our bathrooms and had to send plans to them.

    Teena Alimchandani

    Hi Tom, similar to Michele and Stephanie, I’d suggest contacting Principia. I recently gutted and refitted both bathrooms and all they asked for was the dates that the works would be taking place. I then had to fill out a form that Andy/Laurence shared with me, and my contractor had to sign it to – essentially outlining that the contractors would abide by certain housekeeping rules (music, noisy works etc.)

    The plumber did a fantastic job of saving some space with certain pipes; others were unable to be put into the wall and a small box/beam had to be built to cover them up.

    Happy to show you some of the specifics of what he did when I am back in town w/c 23 Sep onwards.

    Many thanks



    Hi Teena, if you would still consider sharing the specifics of the work your plumber did on your bathrooms, we’d be very grateful as we are contacting plumbers at the moment for quotes to redo our bathrooms as well.

    If so, you could text me on 077 1418 0577.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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