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Amanda York

Dear All,

Thanks for this feed as we’re trying to switch to Hyperoptic since my housemates don’t have a good signal at the other end of the flat, despite having two Wifi boxes.

I have a question for Denis; would you be able to let me know why you sued Virgin? Reason I’m asking is that I am unable to get through to the team who cancels our contract… I go through the whole automated process, eventually go through to someone who puts me on hold. In December I was on the phone for an hour… just recently, half hour at a time. I have to call from my mobile and am self-employed and beginning to lose patience since 1. I’m unable to cancel our Virgin contract and 2. don’t have half hour spare at various times during the day and 3. my Vodafone mobile phone bill is almost double with all these calls to Virgin on hold.

So strange… can anyone help? I’m going to call Citizen’s Advice tomorrow as my flat mate tried on her mobile; same issue.

Thanks a lot.
Amanda York